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Welcome to Osea Island!


We hope we have covered everything for you to enjoy Segen Showcase 2024 & the 20th Birthday celebrations. We want you to enjoy your stay and the beautiful surroundings. During the event all food, drinks & snacks are provided for. If you have forgotten anything vital, please do let the events team know and they will be more than happy to help where possible. If you need anything at all during your stay, please contact Vickie in the events team 07779989934.


Wi-Fi is available in all properties, The Bomb Factory, The Power House & The Shack. Wi-Fi is available in all properties free of charge. To access it you need to select the network.

“Osea island” and register via the online form.


During your stay there are refreshments available from The Shack where you can have teas, coffees, pastries and snacks throughout the day, The Hub Tent is open to all not just Glampers, here there are crisps, soft drinks and chocolate. All breakfasts and lunch are served in the Bombe Factory and dinner will be served in the central festival field.


We do have a 24hr security operative onsite during your event for your own safety as well as a fully qualified medic. If you need any urgent assistance please contact the events team who will assist.

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